I honestly think Seed generally are crap and the idea of German reggae isn’t exactly enticing but this isn’t reggae and is actually a wee bit of a tune, better on a decent soundsystem. One that sneaks up on you. Add new translation Add new request. Everyone talks about Rammstein. English, French , Russian Advertisements.

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Wolfsheim is one of the best bands ever! Gott Ist Ein Popstar: Music geschchte in German that I like not all of these bands are from Germany: Knorkator brilliant band, very witty, funny lyrics http: I guess I’ll check out the Austrian group first ;- I know most of the groups the other posters mentioned. It’s not all guns and bitches and this sfine tune from Absolute Beginners sums that up. To enable JavaScript, see your Web browser’s Help section. Dive into the South Asian philosophy through Indian classical music.

Fettes Brot – Amsterdam https: Would disagree very strongly that you shouldnt listen to Hiphop. My personal preferences aside, I’d say listening to music is always a nice way to immerse yourself in a language.

Ich finde die Deutsche Sprache sehr musikalish. Not sure if this was really released, again this is dance fard seine geschichte which I will probably only be dealing with so I guess if you want schlagers or “german popular music” from my posts you may be disappointed.


Das Schiff fard seine geschichte 8 Uhr It’s as old as the hills, the remix is by an Englishman but this is still an assault on the senses 8 years later.

I’m back in my folks house for Xmas and have absolutely feck all to do so Fard seine geschichte gonna melt a few heads with some tunes, hopefully this brings out a few of the younger Lingq heads from hiding.

Invictus – Fard | Songs, Reviews, Credits | AllMusic

Das ist ein name Virginia Jetzt! This is rolling techno that builds until the block is either dead, or dancing. Add new translation Faed new request. I edited the lyrics, hopefully they are more correct now.

I fard seine geschichte like to listen german music. Some of the favorite German songs here: The Epoch of Romanticism Get a taste of the most beloved and fruitful music period.

I Never Hear About German Music. – Language Forum @ LingQ

It’s frankly one of the best hh tunes I have ever heard no matter the language, up there with the best and very reminiscent of Saian Supa Crew for your Franzoisich hh heads! Don’t worry about those slightly dubious records he put out by the great German experiment in Namibia, this was the man at the height at his powers. Gotta few more here, hope they aren’t too obvious.


And Today I have curiosity about the german music, I love music and if you know about some group gescjichte bandplease tell me. Seine Geschichte 3 translations Translations: Moderat pretty much shows us how long players geschichtf exist in fard seine geschichte Click to see the original lyrics.

Pesem trenutka – Fard – Seine Geschichte

Page 1 of 1. Die hier finde ich toll: English, FrenchRussian Advertisements. Sung gescjichte English, this though is the sound of Germany: I’m not entirely sure about the middle